D3 - Naturally sourced Vitamin D (2500IU) - 120 softgels

Vitamin D3 in a potent dose, dissolved in cold pressed coconut oil for optimal absorption.

Every batch of Puori D3 is third-party tested and certified by The Clean Label Project® against 200+ contaminants. For your peace of mind.

1 capsule a day, 120 day supply

Directions for use
For adults 11 years and up take 1-2 softgels daily, preferably with a meal or as recommended by a physician.

As with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, anticipate surgery, take medication on a regular basis or are otherwise under medical supervision.

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Benefits of D3 - Naturally sourced Vitamin D (2500IU) - 120 softgels

Vitamin D is essential for several functions in the body. We get very little sunshine and a typical diet contain almost no vitamin D, resulting in a high number of inadequate levels and deficiency. Read more

Calcium uptake and bone maintenance

One of the main functions of vitamin D is the hormonal role it plays in regulating the blood level of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D regulates the intestinal absorption of calcium and the release of calcium from bones to ensure a constant calcium level in the blood.
Insufficient vitamin D can lead to Rickets in children where their bones remain soft or osteomalacia in adults where the bones are not sufficiently rebuilt and can break.* Read more

Immune System

Muscle Function

Key Ingredients

Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)

Naturally sourced vitamin D from lanolin, a natural component extracted from sheep’s wool.

Cold pressed coconut oil

Cold pressed coconut oil

Cold pressed coconut oil used as a carrier for vitamin D for best possible absorption.


Product Information

Why did we make D3?

We made D3 to offer a natural high-dose high-quality product allowing people to reach desired doses of vitamin D.

Ingredient History

The vitamin D in Puori D3 is extracted from lanolin, a natural component of sheep’s wool. The wool is gently sheared from the sheep and undergoes a purification and cleaning process. From the wool a pre-state of vitamin D is extracted. Radiation with UV light of the pre-vitamin D forms active vitamin D, comparable to how sunlight initiates the vitamin D formation in our skin. Afterwards, the vitamin D is mixed with cold pressed coconut oil.
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin and combing it with cold pressed coconut oil supports the absorption process as vitamin D needs fats for its uptake in the body.

Consumption and Storage

Ingredients / Allergens

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Full Transparency with The Clean Label Project®

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Full Transparency with The Clean Label Project®

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Benjamin Ooms

D3 - Naturally sourced Vitamin D (2500IU) - 120 softgels

Nadia Vleugels
Love the product

Recently I bought three plastic bottles of vitamin D3... And the softgels they fit actually all in one (full) bottle, which I store in my cabinet. Little bit of unnecessary waste in my opinion.

Marta Casaroli
Amazing Product

Very high rated product

Giuseppe Grattacaso

D3 - Naturally sourced Vitamin D (2500IU) - 120 softgels

Best quality

One of the reasons I like the vit D from puori is that it is carried in coconut oil, not sunflower oil like other products. As with all the other products from them, excellent quality 👌🏻

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