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Ingredient story

Probiotic bacteria come in many forms, and to be sure that supplementing is beneficial, the bacteria strains needs to be tested and documented.

Bifidobacterium BB-12® is one of the most researched probiotic strains and has been tested in more than 300 scientific studies. Lactobacillus fermentum PCC® was awarded the Health Ingredient Excellence Award for its outstanding properties compared to other bacteria strains. The bacteria are freeze dried and activated by liquid.

Why did we make SB3?

Puori Plant Protein Booster is a calcium fortified vegan protein powder intended to be used as a booster in shakes and food recipes. We made the product to compensate for the fact that eating a predominantly plant-based can make it difficult to reach the desired daily intake of protein and calcium.

Our microbiome is not as diverse and strong as it used to be due to inadequate intake of both fiber and good bacteria, and the importance of a healthy gut is becoming apparent. We wanted to create a well-documented product since the probiotics market is lacking transparency.

Why should you take SB3?

The flora in our gut is getting increased attention as a vital part of our wellbeing and key component of our immune system and general health.

Pioneers in Consumer Safety and transparency

To secure the purest and cleanest consumer product, we have 3rd party tested more than 100 batches* and counting to ensure you always know what’s in your product and what’s not supposed to be there.


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