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Ingredient story

Algae Calcium is derived from fossil red algae and naturally rich in calcium and trace minerals, which are preserved through a cold process to retain all nutrients. The minerals are in organic form, which results in a higher absorption rate compared to other calcium substances such as calcium carbonate. Due to its fossil form the calcium dissolve quicker in the stomach’s acidic environment, which eases the uptake and digestion. Algae Calcium is natural and of vegetal origin hence, it is suitable for organic and vegan products which is why we have selected this ingredient for Puori Plant Protein Booster.

Why did we make PB?

Puori Plant Protein Booster is a calcium fortified vegan protein powder intended to be used as a booster in shakes and food recipes. We made the product to compensate for the fact that eating a predominantly plant-based can make it difficult to reach the desired daily intake of protein and calcium.

Puori O3 was the first product – our hero. Our founders created the product because every time they bought fish oil, they experienced nasty fish burps, which they learned was due to the fact that the oil was rancid. They couldn’t trust other products were clean and fresh because they had no 3rd party certifications, so our founders started producing O3 fish oil and getting it certified.

Why should you take Plant protein Booster?

Intake of the right amount of essential amino acids can be a little challenging when eating a plant-based diet. PB provides organic, high quality protein with all the essential amino acids in a decent amount. Furthermore, calcium is a challenging mineral to get through a plant-based diet, since a lot of calcium intake in the western world origins from dairy products. PB is therefore fortified with calcium naturally derived from algae.

Pioneers in Consumer Safety and transparency

To secure the purest and cleanest consumer product, we have 3rd party tested more than 100 batches* and counting to ensure you always know what’s in your product and what’s not supposed to be there.