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Puori Talks With Louise Bruun

We recently caught up with Louise Bruun, author of a number of books including the extremely popular 21 Healing Days of Anti-Inflammatory Diet. Louise is a health enthusiast hailing from Denmark who holds lectures, workshops and various events about improving wellbeing.

We sat down and asked her about how she manages to stay healthy whilst being so busy, as well as what her routine looks like, as well as how she uses diet, exercise and supplements to improve her health.  

Puori: How did you end up doing what do you?
Louise Bruun: I have always loved food, herbs and nature. When I finished my bachelor in Japanese and economics, I had no clue about my future or what I really wanted. My then boyfriend (now husband) suggested that I should do something with food... And then I started my own catering business with organic, healthy food  - and thats how it all started!

P: What does a typical week look like for you?
LB: I spend time with my four kids. As well as that I spend time focussing on work, read and write. I also do yoga, run, cook and I love.

P: What do you feel are the biggest challenges in achieving a healthy lifestyle?
LB: I personally don’t really see any challenges to being healthy, but not everyone is the same. I know that for many people it’s the temptations you meet all the time. But for me it feels natural and everything I do – I do it out of love for achieving health, not because of some cult health diet.

P: What achievement are you most proud of in your life?
LB: Definitely my kids and my family!

P: How did you first discover Puori?
LB: I first came across Puori through the two founders Oliver and Julius from the fitness world, and I have followed their journey since the beginning.

P: What is your favorite Puori product and why?
LB: My favourite products are Puori C3, SB3 and M3... but I love them all!

P: What role does supplementation play in your daily life?
LB: I use supplements, but not on an everyday basis. I use them when I need something extra. Maybe if I feel stressed, sick or if I work out a lot. I do the same with my kids and provide them with a little extra especially when the seasons change, when we move from summer to autumn and autumn to winter.

P: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
LB: I eat a lot of chocolate!

P: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
LB: Positive/happy, impulsive, ambitious.

P: How do you relate personally to Puori’s 4 cornerstones (healthy diet, physical activity, recovery, balance). Firstly, what does healthy mean to you?
LB: Health, food, and movement is a big part of my life. It’s my hobby and I turned it into my job. I love feeling strong and healthy and I love to inspire people to feel the same. 

P: How do you practice healthy living?
LB: I cook my own food and I eat organic or biodynamic. I move everyday outside in nature - the woods, by the sea and stay close to my family. I go to bed early and I don’t drink a lot of alcohol, but I do drink plenty of water. I also try to love myself every day and I try to be grateful for everything I have. 

P: How do maintain balance in life?
LB: I spend time with my 4 kids and husband as much as I can. I eat, sleep, drink and love the best I can. 

P: What does balance mean to you?
LB: When I feel strong both mentally and physically. When I feel happy and motivated. 

P: What does physical activity mean to you? And how do you stay in shape?
LB: I do yoga, I lift weights, I run, I walk, I play, I swim in the sea and I sleep and eat well – and it means the world to me. I do not thrive when I my physical activity level is low…I want to move every day, because it makes my head, my brain and body stronger.