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Kickstart 2020 with more energy and better workouts

For some of us in the Northern Hemisphere, winter is very much in full swing. For many, this means lower energy levels and less motivation to exercise, whether that be training in the gym or playing sports. It’s cold, it’s dark; we’ve all been there.

It can be a hard funk to get out of, but one thing that’s good to keep in mind this time of year is the counterintuitive relationship between doing the things that can seem in the moment to take insurmountable amounts of energy, and how those very things have a tendency to give us more energy in the long run.

For example, regular exercise is not only good for our physical health but is also a way to show ourselves self-care and boost all those endorphins that make it much easier to pursue our goals and be the people we want to be.

Another thing that can be difficult in the moment but can significantly improve our wellbeing is making healthier choices when it comes to food. Healthier eating is among the most beneficial habits you can build for yourself, and there are vitamins and minerals that you can supplement with to optimize your nutrition. Especially when covering any gaps that may be hard to fill with a busy schedule and limited time to track the micronutrient of the whole foods, you are eating.

If you’re a person who likes to make New Year’s resolutions, 2020 can be the start of a decade where you take your training to the next level and implement the healthy habits you may have been wanting to incorporate into your daily life. But we all know it is easier said than done, which begs the question: how do we build these habits for life, not just for a few weeks or months?

One strategy you can use to succeed with a resolution is to start by making small incremental changes to your current routine, and not choose something so dramatic or sudden that you will struggle to adapt long term. For some inspiration, here are ten smaller habits different members of the Puori team have chosen this year to incorporate into their day-to-day lives: 


  • Limit intake of caffeine (max. 3-4 cups coffee) or replace with tea
  • Replace hot morning shower with an ice-cold bath or shower
  • Use breathing exercises daily (we use the app “Breethe”)
  • Make sure you do a little exercise daily – from a long walk to a full-blown training session
  • Improve gut health and digestion (Try using Puori SB3 lactic acid bacteria)
  • Speak kindlier to yourself and develop more self-compassion
  • Aim for around 8 hours sleep a night
  • Drink more water
  • Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Fasting once a week 16-18 hours (Only water, herbal tea, 1x black coffee)
  • Journaling 5x times a week before bedtime
  • Ensure you are meeting all your vitamin and mineral needs

  • Meeting your vitamin and mineral requirements

    Of course, that’s on our list! Since we are so passionate about supplements, we have a few recommendations for products that may make being a healthier you a bit easier.  For instance: Magnesium is one of those minerals some struggle to get enough of through their diet. If you are looking to boost your energy levels by improving the quality of your sleep, you could look into supplementing with magnesium for improved sleep quality and to help your joints keep up with increased activity. Your main focus could also be to build and maintain muscle mass and strength. In this case, it may be a good idea to incorporate a good quality protein powder in your post-workout routine.

    Here is an example of how a combination of diet and supplements can help you maximize energy for your 2020 workouts:

    Before training:

    Eat a light snack with some nutrient-dense calories. You can check our Instagram for some recipe inspiration. If you hydrate with some water before hitting the gym, you can consider using our C3 supplement for its refreshing taste and for a small caffeine boost from its Yerba mate content!

    After your workout: 

    Puori PW1 protein powder has the optimal nutritional composition to get your muscles rebuilt and replenish the energy stores. This allows your muscle's fibers to heal faster, so they’re ready for the next workout. Mix the protein powder directly into water after your workout, or blend into a delicious fruit smoothie.

    Before sleep:

    To end the day, we recommend consuming Puori M3 Magnesium 30-60 minutes before bedtime, to get the most from the supplement.  

    No matter the routine, there will be successes and setbacks, and it will probably be necessary to experiment with what works for you and your body continuously. As long as you’re kind to yourself, and make incremental changes that don’t just feel good in the moment but slowly improve the circumstances for your future self, there is a slim risk that you won’t be proud of where you are a year from now, with or without resolutions. Happy 2020 from the Puori team!