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Puori is excited to welcome Hannah Andersson to our team of ambassadors. Hannah advocates her well rounded views on living a healthy and happy life. Her approach to health combines mind, body, and soul.

Puori: How do you manage to stay healthy – and what does healthy mean to you?

Hannah Andersson: Health to me is so much more than just moving and nourishing our bodies. I believe in a holistic approach to health which means you have to look at the whole picture. While regular exercise and nourishing our bodies with clean produce is vital, I believe our mental and spiritual wellbeing is as equally important. So, for me, it’s about creating daily rituals for my mind, body, and soul. And I do my best to show up for myself and prioritize my health and wellbeing. I won't always manage to tick all the rituals off, but that’s ok! Being relaxed and not too hard on myself is key in finding balance. I do my best and always strive to be better and do better with patience and compassion for my own journey.

Puori: How do you keep yourself fit?

Hannah Andersson: I aim to move most days of the week even if it’s just for 30 minutes. That can be going to the gym doing a full-body workout, boxing, running or just go for a walk. 

Puori: How do you fit training into a busy schedule?

Hannah Andersson: Do what you can with what you have got is pretty much my mindset. I do prefer getting it done first thing early in the morning. That way I get that energy kick and boost to get me through the day. Also, it is done so I don't have to think about it if work goes late or if I get tired/unmotivated after a busy day. Rather than having to stay motivated all day to work out, I feel motivated and energized to work all day. Workouts in the morning I think are just truly a winning concept! 

Puori: What do you feel are the biggest challenges in achieving a healthy lifestyle?

Hannah Andersson: Putting yourself first and understanding that that isn't selfish. As well as finding the true motivation that is going to make you commit long term. It's so easy to fall off the wagon if you don't find motivation in the bigger picture. As well as thinking that, there are so many things that are more important or urgent than taking time for your self-care routines. Which in my opinion is false. Be your best so you can be your best for others. For me it's truly not about fitness, it's life.

Puori: What role do supplements play in your daily life?

Hannah Andersson: I'm very selective with what I consume, and I do prefer getting most of my vitamins and minerals from food. But as we all know the food isn't what it used to be so a boost with some essentials is important.

Puori: What does a ‘clean’ product mean to you in your daily life?

Hannah Andersson: Well since I came in contact with Puori and got more educated it means a lot!

Puori: Why do you think clean products are important when it comes to food supplements?

Hannah Andersson: For anyone investing in their health buying supplements you do it in good faith thinking you’re doing something great for your wellbeing. And a lot of times you are unaware that your choice of supplements may not be as safe and clean as it should be – it may contain heavy metals and pollution. That’s why I love how Puori has everything tested by an independent third-party and as a company is completely transparent with their labelling on what’s actually in their products.

Puori: How did you first come across Puori?

Hannah Andersson: I was introduced to the products by a true Puori enthusiast several years ago, and I loved everything Puori was about from the get-go!

Puori: What are your favourite Puori products and why?

Hannah Andersson: Ooh I can't just pick one, haha! Well, I always have Puori C3 in the morning. I love it! I always bring the Health Essential travel packs and Synbiotics SB3 in my bag.

Puori: How do you maintain balance in life?

Hannah Andersson: Find joy and happiness in taking care of yourself. Let go of any pressures and focus on the big picture of your overall wellbeing and feeling good. Your effort is enough! So, be more about self-love and self-care rather than constantly being too hard on yourself. If you enjoy your rituals, they will just become so important to you and they won’t feel like things you dread to do.